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What is i In the Cloud and what do we offer?

With iInTheCloud you get scalable, flexible, highly available IBM Power Systems hosting IBM i (AS/400, iSeries), AIX, and Linux with reliability, compliance, performance, all with the support of a world-class organization. Whether you are looking for a commercial grade hosting facility to run your business on, replicate to, or have your own developer environment, iInTheCloud is the solution that will meet your needs.  
Our foundation is built on IBM Power Systems hardware, providing partitions that can meet your needs. This allows us to provision cloud based partitions very quickly and also adjust the resources required by you as your needs change. To ease the challenges of running your environment, we can manage the partition for you to help with your staffing needs or you can manage it yourself. In addition, our all certified based System Administrators can also help you with your current environment in your office.  
iInTheCloud is operated by some of the best known IBM i and POWER Systems experts in the world. Our System Administrators are all IBM Certified with a minimum of 20 years System Administrator experience.  
Our servers are located in commercial grade data centers with all the redundancies and security built-in to our infrastructure. These include Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Generators, multiple cooling systems, multiple high speed internet feeds, logged keycard only access and cameras.  


We have the skills to run your IBM Power Systems for you, with expert knowledge on the latest equipment. This will reduce your on-going costs, while increasing the skill set delivered to your company. We offer complete private partitions to run your business on, to use for High Availability replication to, or individual shared partitions to learn the latest skills.  
Your price is going to be based upon what you select and won’t be a surprise. Pricing is very granular and flexible. You will be able to purchase processor to meet your needs in 1/10 of processor increments, Memory in one GB increments, and disk in 35GB increments. Contracted amounts can be exceeded with automatic billing of overages or amounts can be capped for fixed pricing. Windows servers are also available to meet your needs.  
Looking for High Availability for your organization, but don’t have a second machine? Then iInTheCloud has a complete solution for you. We can provide you for a monthly fee both the hardware and software for replication, along with the certified skills to manage the replication both at your site and remotely here at our data center.  
For software we'll have all the IBM i software pieces available including BRMS, Query, SQL, IBM i Access, logical replication, PowerHA replication, and more to meet your needs. While we have i in our name, we also have AIX and Linux partitions.  
For backups we will have traditional LTO tape (capable of writing LTO 2, 3, 4, and 5 cartridges) as well as CrossRoad’s SPHiNX Virtual Tape Library. We'll also have option to move tapes off-site as needed and to convert older tapes such as 3480, 3590, 3570, 8mm and QIC to import your data.  
Our services include full management of the server including IBM i Upgrades, PTFs, Replication, System Administration, and daily systems management. Everything you need.  


Our connectivity is from multiple sources, using redundant Cisco Firewalls for each of our service providers. This gives our customer reliability with redundancy built in, at very high bandwidths.  
- Each customer is setup on a completely private VLAN separate from all other customers. If you have multiple servers in our system all of them will share this VLAN for high speed access between servers.  
- A private VPN tunnel/link will be established back to your corporate location. Additional VPN connections can be established as needed to additional facilities.  
- VPN Client connections to your VLAN will also be available for mobile users.  

Additional offerings.

We can also host your servers in our Data Center. Many of our clients have had a need to separate their production and HA servers, and use our facility to host their machines. - Contact us for a custom quote on housing your gear.  
While our focus is IBM Power Systems, we realize there are other machines in your data center. Likewise for us. For your Intel requirements, we have Windows servers to match your requirements:  
- With VMWare we'll also have the ability to run Windows and X-86 Linux servers.  
- Using our Intel Servers, or putting your own machines in our data center to match your requirements  
- Price based upon processor, memory, and disk required.  
As with the IBM POWER Systems options above we will offer full management of the server including fixes, updates, and daily systems management.


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